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About Surrey Car Buyers – The right place to sell your car in Surrey today!

It’s fair to say that when you enlist the services of any company, you want to know a bit about them! So, learn more about Surrey Car Buyers, here!

What type of business is Surrey Car Buyers?

Unsurprisingly – we’re car buyers! We offer a number of other complementary vehicle services, also. We’re a family-run business based in South Croydon, and always strive to offer our customers the best service possible. As a small, but client-focused team, we promise a convenient, friendly and professional service, treating each customer as an individual, and not just as a number or means to a financial end.

What's your experience in the industry?

We’re an established business. With over ten years of experience in the car buying industry, we’ve built up an excellent name for ourselves in the trade.

Which services do you offer?

  1. We buy a range of vehicles, from scooters to prestige cars.
  2. We scrap end of life vehicles (ELVs) due to our association with the Surrey Scrapping Centre.
  3. We offer an immediate recovery service, and can buy your car on the spot.
  4. We trade cars, MPVs, scooters and more at our South Croydon showroom.

How will I be remunerated?

We know that every penny counts. Unlike a lot of car buyers out there, it’s always our mission to provide our clients with the best rate possible for their car.

Not only that, but we’ll come and appraise your vehicle as soon as possible, and give you cash there and then, or organise a bank transfer at your convenience.

It’s a hassle-free service that enables customers to dispose of their unwanted vehicle with minimum bother, and remunerates them more than fairly. From £50 for a scrapped vehicle right the way up to £50,000 for a prestige Bentley, we’ll always give you the best rates possible.

How can I get in touch with Surrey Car Buyers?

To contact the team, choose whichever method is the most convenient for you. Either:


We’re proud of our round the clock service, and will always endeavour to give you the information you need, in the shortest amount of time possible.