Sell your car with us today – avoid the hassle of selling privately and you can also receive more money too

The process of buying a car comes with a mixed bag of emotions. On the one hand, you get the upgrade you’ve craved for a long time, and you can look forward to many months of hassle-free driving. On the downside, you have the stress of getting rid of your old car, including the struggle to get a reasonable price for it.

One of the biggest problem areas is part exchange, where your car dealer keeps your old car as part of the payment for the new one. For many people, hearing the dismal part exchange figure is the low point of buying a new car, and they’d rather use an alternative method. But selling privately is a hassle, and for many people, the cash they make for the old car is vital in paying for the new one.

What Are the Options?

When a garage gives you a part exchange price for your car, their only thought is their profit margin. They know what the car is worth, and they know what kind of profit they need to make on top. The figure they offer you will be the lowest in a range of prices, and they’ll probably wait until you’ve decided to take a new car before kicking off the part exchange conversation so you don’t have as much opportunity to haggle.

Instant Buy services are different. Instead of taking your car to the dealer, you approach the purchase with hard cash, having already sold your car to Surrey Car Buyers. Not only is this less stressful than getting part exchanging prices, it could also put you in a better position when you negotiate the price on the new car, since the dealer can’t talk you down.

The Instant Buy Process

When you use Instant Buy services, we will initially take your details through our website. After that, your car will be inspected in detail, and a final cash price offered for its condition, mileage, age and service history. This is likely to be a lot more than the dealer would have given you for a part exchange.

Of course, you could sell the car privately– in theory. But when comparing Instant Buy valuations with online auctions or adverts, make sure the person who’s buying the car has actually seen it. It’s fine to use eBay as a guide, but if your car has no service history, or is peppered with chips and dings, you won’t get anywhere near that price. And if you don’t have time to deal with Gumtree tyre-kickers, our Instant Buy service will be a better option for you.

Choose the Right Service

Don’t rely on automatically generated valuations from some of the big brands in the market, as they are rarely accurate. In an Office of Fair Trading investigation, 96 per cent of customers were found to have been offered less than the initial valuation when dealing with a certain well-known buying service.

When you deal with Surrey Car Buyers, we’ll give you an accurate and fair price first time, and we’ll give you time to consider it without pressure or hard-sell. Don’t delay: get in touch now, and find out how much you could get for your car.