Sites like eBay and Gumtree have revolutionised the way we live. Instead of hanging onto old clothes, books and collectables, there are numerous ways to liquidise our assets ourselves.

Often, selling goods this way takes time, but it can yield a good return, particularly when you think about potential dealer charges. Many people seek to sell their cars in the same way, dreaming of similar returns.

But there’s a difference: selling cars privately is much more difficult than selling old gadgets and clothes. While you may see private cars advertised for more, you can get a lot more by going to the right dealer.

Pitfalls of Private Selling

Listing a car online is simple enough, whatever platform you choose. Placing an ad isn’t cheap, but most sellers build the cost into the sale.

As soon as your car is listed, the problems begin. People start popping round to view it – and many fit into the dreaded ‘tyre kicker’ category. Half of them are simply nosey, while the others really want a bargain car. Either way, they’re not serious buyers, and they’ll offer a fraction of its actual value.

Most genuine buyers will go to a car dealership because they’ll want some kind of warranty. As a private seller, that’s something you can’t offer. You probably won’t want your car back in a week’s time because the buyer found a fault that you forgot about. And the buyer will feel conned if they drive off and discover a problem later.

Minimum Hassle

Selling your car to a dealership is a far easier way of exchanging it, and a far easier way to upgrade. You can usually drive your old car into the garage and drive away in the new one, so there’s no gap between cars where you have to muddle through.

Garages have got a bad reputation for offering low prices, but we’re different. We understand the difficulty in getting a fair return on an old car, and we know it’s more hassle for you if you have to place ads and wait for a buyer. We want you to be happy with your new car, and we want to give you a fair price for the old one.

What We Buy

Surrey Car Buyers offer fair prices for a range of cars, vans and scooters around the Surrey area. Before you take your car for part exchange, contact us for a price, and take a look at the fantastic used vehicles we have in stock. You can kick off the process by filling in the quote form on our site.

If your car is past its prime, don’t worry. We will even recover it and pay you the scrap value, as we work in partnership with the Surrey Scrapping Centre.

Don’t have a car to trade in? We also buy vans and scooters, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and offer what you’ve got. You could be driving away in a brand new car even sooner than you think.